6 Factors That Indicate How Soon a Capital Region Home Will Sell

Posted by Bela Schuch // February 13, 2017

When you put your Capital Region home on the market, you want it to sell as fast as possible. However, you can’t exactly force people to come to your home and make an offer. What you can do though is look at several different factors that will help you see just how fast your Capital […]

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How to Gauge Your Net Profit after Selling Your Capital Region Home

Posted by Bela Schuch // February 6, 2017

You’ve finally done it! You sold your Capital Region home. After all the home repairs, staging and negotiating, it’s time to relax and take a look at your net profit, which will be incredibly important in helping you decide how much you can spend on your next home. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always […]

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A Guide to Sell Your Niskayuna Home

Posted by Bela Schuch // January 30, 2017

You’ve found the perfect Niskayuna home. It’s just the right size and has all the best amenities. Now all that’s left to do is sell your Niskayuna home first. Easy, right? Yes and no. The process to selling your Niskayuna home can be drawn out, but if you’re prepared and do your homework, the whole […]

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Understanding Saratoga Contingencies

Posted by Bela Schuch // January 23, 2017

Finding the perfect Saratoga home is not as simple as walking into a few open houses and signing over a check. From the time you put your home on the market to the final selling and buying contracts you sign, there are plenty of steps along the way that you need to consider and make […]

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How to Navigate Online Real Estate Auctions in the Capital Region

Posted by Bela Schuch // January 16, 2017

Online real estate auctions are one of the internet’s greatest inventions. They allow bidding on Capital Region houses to be done remotely and all from your computer desk. If you’ve never bought a home or haven’t bought one in over 20 years, the online real estate auctions will be an entirely new experience for you. […]

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The Top Pitfalls of Home Selling in Niskayuna

Posted by Bela Schuch // January 9, 2017

Not matter where your home is in Niskayuna, sellers can make a number of mistakes that can costs them hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If you’re planning on selling your home, avoid these pitfalls of home selling in Niskayuna and get the best price for your home. Ignoring Basic Repairs Maybe your garage has […]

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Saratoga Homebuyer Strategies that End Stalemates

Posted by Bela Schuch // January 2, 2017

When two people start a home buying deal in Saratoga, they both want to get the best price possible. If both the Saratoga homebuyer and seller are competitive and have their own opinions on the home’s value, it can lead to a long fight in the negotiation process. Luckily if you’re a Saratoga homebuyer, there […]

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4 Mortgage Documents You Need to Know

Posted by Bela Schuch // December 26, 2016

When you’re buying a Saratoga home, you will go through a lot of paperwork, especially when it comes to your mortgage. Much of it needs to be turned in by a certain deadline. You should still know what you’re signing. Over the years, the laws have changed to protect buyers from bad deals. The Truth […]

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Tips for Making an Offer for First-Time Capital Region Homebuyers

Posted by Bela Schuch // December 19, 2016

As first-time Capital Region homebuyers, you’ve finally found it: your dream home. It has everything you could ever want and need, and it’s in the perfect location. Now that you’ve found your home, it’s time to make an offer to the seller. But what number should you give the seller? Should you try to come […]

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6 Indicators that Your Niskayuna Home’s Online Estimate Is Wrong

Posted by Bela Schuch // December 12, 2016

When determining a home’s value, real estate professionals look at several big factors. With an agent, you have a little more say in home your home is priced. When you look online, however, you don’t always have that luxury. Many homes’ online estimate are posted far below the appraiser’s estimate, although some are higher than […]

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