The Top Pitfalls of Home Selling in Niskayuna

The Top Pitfalls of Home Selling in Niskayuna

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Not matter where your home is in Niskayuna, sellers can make a number of mistakes that can costs them hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If you’re planning on selling your home, avoid these pitfalls of home selling in Niskayuna and get the best price for your home.

Ignoring Basic Repairs

Maybe your garage has a leaky roof or perhaps that hot water heater is just a few years too old. Almost every Niskayuna home has some minor repairs that need to be done before selling. Avoiding them or trying to hide them will only cost you in the end. Make the repairs ahead of time so you can get a good offer and quicken the closing process.

Failing to Hire a Real Estate Pro

When selling a home, you may thing that you can go in alone. While more experienced sellers may find this easier, chances are you just don’t have the experience. There are a lot of documents that must be filed on time, and a realtor will keep track of all this for you.

Don’t sell your home without hiring a realtor or other real estate professional to sell your home.

Leaving your Junk Behind

Some things you just don’t want or care to move. When sellers get lazy, their buyers will often ask for more buying credits or even a lower asking price. When you put your home on the market, make sure it looks clean and clutter-free. It’ll help justify your asking price.

Under or Overpricing your Home

Some Niskayuna sellers like to highball their home price with the hope that some clueless buyer will make a deal. Don’t count on it. Smart buyers are looking at comps and will know if your house isn’t worth as much as you think. On the other hand, don’t sell your house short. A good house deserves a fair price. Work with a professional to find the best price.

Not Staging Your Home

While an empty house can give buyers a sense of size, it really does more for your home to show it off at its finest. That means having furniture around to give potential buyers an idea about how they can make their new home look. Help your buyers visualize their new homes, and you’ll be sure to make a deal quicker.

Adhering to Ego

Some sellers let their egos get in the way during a negotiation. They get emotional over their Niskayuna  home, and they don’t want to play fair. Make sure you’re going for a win-win deal when you sit down to negotiate.

Not Staging for Home Selling

While furniture is important, it’s just one aspect of home selling on an open house day. You also need to have everything neat and tidy. Don’t overdo it on scented candles or mood music, but make sure you have a pleasant atmosphere to appeal to a buyer’s heart.

Ignoring Extra Closing Expenses

Some buyers will write explicit fees for removing any junk you leave behind. Little fees like that can pile up, so make sure you look over the list of expenses and fees before the closing day so your home is ready and you’re not slapped with extra fees.

Forgetting to Complete All Disclosures

As a Niskayuna seller, you must disclose everything you know about your property to the buyer once he or she has made an offer. Don’t try to jerk the buyer around. Be honest because what you don’t disclose will be found out, and the buyer might ask for a far lower price. In some cases, the buyer could just walk away.

Home selling in Niskayuna is not as simple as sticking a “For Sale” sign in your yard. If you’re smart and you keep up with your home and its condition, then you should be in a good spot to sell your home for the best price and come out even a little ahead.

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