Write a Strong Saratoga Home Listing

Posted by Bela Schuch // December 5, 2016

Potential buyers go over online listings like it’s their job. If your Saratoga home listing is thorough, accurate and engaging, then there’s a better chance that viewers will contact you to set up a showing. But how do you write a Saratoga home listing that attracts the right type of buyer? Here are some tips […]

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5 Tips That Will Help Your Credit Score in the Capital Region

Posted by Bela Schuch // November 28, 2016

Your credit score is instrumental when you’re trying to buy a Capital Region home. The number indicates to financial lenders just how reliable you are. If your credit score is good, the banks will be able to trust you to pay back the loan. If it’s low, you may see higher interest rates and steeper […]

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Understanding Niskayuna Comps

Posted by Bela Schuch // November 21, 2016

Niskayuna comps – comparable sales – are perhaps one of the best real estate tools for both buyers and sellers to understand. Niskayuna comps refer to the home prices of similar home sales within the Niskayuna area. A buyer might look at Niskayuna comps to decide home much to offer for a home, while a […]

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5 Ways To Avoid Buying A Saratoga Money Pit

Posted by Bela Schuch // November 14, 2016

Some people love to do repairs. They’re good with their hands, and they like to fix up old homes that need a little extra TLC. But even if you’re the handiest person in the world, some homes will need more repairs than you may be willing to do or afford. Most people usually buy a […]

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To Make An Offer or Not on a New Capital Region Listing?

Posted by Bela Schuch // November 7, 2016

You can’t believe it. After months of searching, a new Capital Region home comes on the market. You quickly schedule a showing, and by the end, you love the home even more. Now comes the big question: to make an offer or not on a new Capital Region listing? There are certain pros and cons […]

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What to Think About When Pricing Your Niskayuna Home to Sell

Posted by Bela Schuch // October 31, 2016

For most people (even realtors), pricing a Niskayuna home is hard work. There’s so much to consider. It’s more than the number of bathrooms and bedrooms. What does the yard look like? Is there a finished basement or attic? Does the kitchen have granite countertops? Does the house have an open-floor plan? All of these […]

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Saratoga Home’s Value

Posted by Bela Schuch // October 24, 2016

Thinking of selling your Saratoga home? Want to get the best price for all that your home has to offer? If you’re considering selling your Saratoga home, making simple upgrades and renovations can increase your Saratoga home’s value. It can also make your property more attractive to buyers, which could lead to a bidding war […]

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6 Factors That Indicate How Soon a Capital Region Home Will Sell

Posted by Bela Schuch // October 17, 2016

When you put your Capital Region home on the market, you want it to sell as fast as possible. However, you can’t exactly force people to come to your home and make an offer. What you can do though is look at several different factors that will help you see just how fast your Capital […]

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What All First-Time Niskayuna Home Sellers Must Know

Posted by Bela Schuch // October 10, 2016

So you’re finally starting to sell your home. This can be a major step for any first-time Niskayuna home sellers. There’s a lot that goes into selling a home before it even hits the market. If you’re first-time Niskayuna home sellers, here are the things you must know. Days on the Market Count When you […]

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4 Important Factors to Remember When Searching for a Saratoga Home

Posted by Bela Schuch // October 3, 2016

Let’s face it: finding a Saratoga home can be stressful. Some days it seems like no home will have all the amenities you need or the space you prefer. And just when you think you’ve found the perfect home, someone else snatches it from under you. Though searching for a Saratoga home can be stressful, […]

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